Vintage Champagne

The choice of a vintage Champagne is important.

Some vintages are designed to be drunk quickly, others to be stored for several years while continuing to improve.

Only big year give vintage champagnes, but the differences in weather conditions give rise to very different vintage Champagnes from each other, particularly regarding change over time.

These are the qualities of the vintage that will decide the future of Champagne.

Buy a classic vintage Champagne can get a great Champagne to drink sooner or later.

However, the purchase of a great vintage in Champagne, or in an exceptional vintage like 1996 vintage will prove to be a particularly good buy in time.

For many years, the Champagne will greatly enhance and reward the patience of those who have been expected. But it is also a Champagne that can be enjoyed young.


Champagne vintage 1988

This is an exceptional vintage in Champagne. This year gave lavish champagne guard is remarkable. Become rare, so do not hesitate to buy these champagnes.

Champagne vintage 1989

Also an exceptional vintage in Champagne, but the champagne this year have nothing to gain by being kept.

Champagne vintage 1990

Another great vintage champagnes, which provides a large youth. The purchase of this vintage champagne is still possible, especially in the prestige brands.

Vintage 1991 Champagne - Champagne vintage 1992

Are vintage classics. Some champagnes from great vintages are superb.

Vintage 1993 Champagne - Champagne vintage 1994

Have not left a great souvenir champagne. Avoid buying champagne in these two vintages.

1995 vintage Champagne

We find a great vintage. These champagnes are at their peak for the delight of those who have. There are still a few bottles of champagne for sale.

1996 vintage Champagne

It was the best vintage since perhaps 1961. Some champagnes are already very attractive, others must be forgotten in the cellar with big moments for those who can wait. There is still selling 1996 bottles of champagne, but it really is the last offer. The purchase of Champagne 1996 is particularly recommended.

Champagne vintage 1997

Only a few very large houses have vintage 1997, as the vintage was difficult and uneven.

1998 vintage Champagne

A number of houses allowed their vintage champagnes. These are champagnes to drink now and will not be of great care.

1999 vintage Champagne

The large crop this year gives champagnes flexible and light that we should not keep very long.

2000 vintage Champagne

Another average year with the 2000 vintage champagne, although some houses think they have made great champagne (to be continued ...).

2002 vintage Champagne

Champagne is very optimistic about the quality of the 2002 vintage seems to confirm the development of great champagnes (To be continued ...).

2003 vintage Champagne

Few houses should vintage champagnes for this year should not be given custody of champagnes.

2004 vintage champagne

2005 champagne vintage

champagne 2006 vintage

2007 vintage champagne

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