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Aÿ is a place in the Champagne Region where dreams come alive and making some of the finest Champagne on Earth is considered routine. Yet this routine never becomes lazy or second best to quantity – and it all began early in 1584 when Pierre Gosset began his quest to produce wines from the bounty of his own vineyards. A story that is familiar, but as with every house out there, is completely unique to the originators.

One might think that rivalry was non-existent back then, with this fledgling business only in its infancy and the long road ahead unknown. In fact, nothing could be considered less true, as is demonstrated by the competition fought between that of Aÿ and Beaune – made all the more fiersome by the fact that both wines were made from Pinot and Chardonnay Black.

The land of Aÿ, of course, has always held a special allure – even back then, when communications across the World offered little in the way of information about what else was out there. And thanks to this it was decided by Francois the First that he would have his own winery constructed there as a mark of what was important: to control the destiny of one's own luxurious product rather than buy in from somewhere else.

Unbeatable as wines used in gastronomy, many of Gosset Champagne top Vintages are contained within charming antique bottles, as well as vinified using traditional techniques that utilize oak barrels.

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