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The Marne Valley is a rich landscape that has had ties with Champagne culture for many years. It's not difficult to see why this region is so suited to the delicate grapes that make Champagne what it is; stunning at any time of the year, it is home to a number of pristine villages that live and breath every aspect of bubbly. One such village is the delightful Crouttes-sure-Marne – a village which sits handsomely on the outskirts of the region, in an area where it is within close range of some of the most outstanding vineyards in the world...

Also true is that the parcels for the House of Francoise Bedel come not from just one place, but a number. Four, in fact – Nanteil-sur-Marne and Villiers-Saint-Denis among them. It is this diversity which adds additional flair to the grapes, allowing for many different characteristics to present themselves within the finished product.

And if you're considering making a purchase from this House, one thing is definite: with a legacy of history behind them – a love of Champagne which stretches back to over three generations – quality is guaranteed. For more proof, see reviews of their most excellent wine – one which has been overseen by Francoise Bedel ever since he took over the running of the estate back in 1979.

Of course, although Francoise Bedel is a reasonably recent owner of the House, that's not to say that he lacks any of the expert knowledge that his forefathers possessed. Among the techniques he has built upon and brought forward is that of Biodynamic Agriculture – a new twist on the traditions of old, reinvigorated with the technology and more acute understanding of modern scientific times. By looking after the vines at every stage of their journey to fruition, the most beautiful grapes are allowed to develop – smart thinking which involves tasting the produce along the way, so as to ensure that the ideal compromise between acidity and sugar is achieved.

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