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The nineteenth Century was responsible for giving the Champagne world the House known as Gardet. And it's hardly surprising that this firm, devised by one Charles Gardet, is such a hit. Located in the Mareuil-sur-Ay region of France where the soil possesses all the rich natural goodness to feed old vines with just the right diet of minerals and nutrients, when Charles Gardet decided to create his very own brand, he approached his task with rigorous attention to detail, and soon set about taking on the biggest in the business.

And if you wonder where Gardet champagne fit in the current scheme of things, let's just say that they haven't ever taken their eye off the ball and don't intend to any time soon. Specialists in developing large batches of magnificent wine, the Gardet soils of the present day are those found in Ludes and Rilly-la-Montagne, as well as Chigny-les-Roses – all classified as Premier Cru and all exuding all the charm you would expect.

But this is not where the story ends with Champagne Gardet, because as well as producing their own grapes they also acquire the very best from as many as thirty other sources. It is this combination of knowing how to both grow the grapes themselves and also acquire them expertly that gives the House of Gardet a difficult to reproduce edge.

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