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Variety is the spice of life, and using their total understanding of the Champagne-making process, the House of Thevenet Delouvin have elevated their approach to this process to a whole new level.

Sourcing their grapes from both the left and the right bank of the Marne Valley, richness and a many accented flavour is all but guaranteed. This variation is soil allows for vintages that possess as many different aromas and attributes as possible. At the top of the list is Pinot Meunier, with as much as 70% being used. Following this is Chardonnay and 14% of luscious Pinot Noir. All this hails from a place where growing Champagne grapes is never easy – a fact of life which this House don't allow to interfere with their passion for the best.

And here, too, is a House which doesn't rush to the finish by using all kinds of modern methods that might jeopardize the reputation they have worked so hard to create. The environment is crucial to Thevenet Delouvin's philosophy on life, and by using a combination of fertilization procedures that goes hand-in-hand with cultivating that doesn't harm the grapes, a marriage of technology and tradition is maintained, allowing for Champagne lovers to enjoy their drink knowing that where it comes from is of natural origin.

Those who drink Thevenet-Delouvin Champagne also remark on the character that so clearly shines through. This character is one the House has worked very hard to create, and one that is derived from the limestone and chalk-heavy layer that gives this soil an advantage over many others.

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